We Are Thankful!

It seems that this time of year good intentions to say “thank you” to those who support our firm get lost in the busyness of the holiday season. While in years past we may have shrugged our shoulders at the inevitability of what has become an annual rite of passage to the new year, we decided that THIS year will different. And with that, we say “Thank You” to the many clients who continue to make the decision to start Glatt Consulting back in 2006 one of the best decisions we ever made. We learn from you all each and every day, with every conversation we have, and from every project you trustingly send our way.

We would also like to say thanks to certain clients who year-in and year-out make our work so fun and engaging. Thank you to…

…our friends in Oregon, a great group of people who bring a spirit of joy and enthusiasm to even the most challenging of credit union circumstances. 

…our friends in Texas, who amaze us at the change they are willing to accommodate and execute in pursuit of what is right for credit union members, staff, and volunteers. 

our friends in New York, who work so hard together to ensure nothing damages what constitutes a core strength of the institution – its culture.

our friends in Idaho, who even when they are resting, contemplating, dreaming, never stop running.

our friends in California, who haven’t let a mere 40% drop in home property values and rampant unemployment undermine their efforts to help members work through incredible financial challenges.

our friends in Oklahoma who bring a subtle, but incredible willingness to be entrepreneurial in their thinking when confronting traditional credit union concerns.

our friends in Pennsylvania who prove that big, outstanding plans don’t have to bring with them unnecessary layers of complexity.

our friends in Missouri who continue allow us to meet and interact with the great people who run credit unions around the world.

our friends in North Carolina, who show that big credit unions can be caring and family-oriented and nice to people and yet still be overwhelmingly successful.

We know we have missed more than a few in this short list, but if you are a client of Glatt Consulting, know that we appreciate you so very much.

And to all of our credit union clients and friends alike, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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