Where Can I Find Banking Stats and Trends?

Loan Officer Demand Chart - October 2011
Loan Officer Demand Chart - October 2011

Interested in perusing some fascinating data on consumer banking stats and trends? Thought we would share a few of our favorite sets of data…sets with a particular relevance to strategic and tactical planning discussions. Happy browsing!

Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices: Net Percentage of Domestic Respondents Tightening Standards on Consumer Loans, Credit Cards

This chart, linked below, shows trends regarding consumer underwriting standards. If the net percentage is positive, then the majority of respondents are reporting that their institutions are tightening standards (i.e. making it harder to obtain loans). If the net percentage is negative, then the opposite is true – standards are being eased making it easier to obtain loans (easier being relative!). Currently, the chart is in negative territory, meaning that the majority of respondents are continuing down the path of easing standards. Does this mean competition will continue to heat up? If so, are you prepared? Keep an eye on this data – it is updated every quarter.


Delinquency Rate On Single-Family Residential Mortgages, Booked In Domestic Offices, All Commercial Banks

This chart, linked below, illustrates delinquency trends for single-family residential mortgages. Though this particular chart does not include credit unions, it is nonetheless illustrative of the challenges that still exist in the broader mortgage market. Though the numbers are down from the 2008-2009 high, the chart still shows quite a contrast between today’s reality and the performance history we became accustomed to. This data is also adjusted quarterly, and is great fodder for strategic and tactical discussions. What is your perspective? Where are the trends headed?


Delinquency Rate On Credit Card Loans, All Commercial Banks

This chart, linked below, illustrates delinquency trends for credit cards. Again, credit unions are not in this particular data set, but as with mortgage delinquency trends it is useful to see the broader industry experience. The chart is an interesting contrast to the mortgage delinquency chart in terms of how quickly delinquencies dropped from their 2009 highs. This data is also adjusted quarterly (it comes from the same data set as mortgage delinquencies). Does the chart suggest it is time to go all in on “low risk” credit cards, or is the low rate of delinquencies abnormal? We have an opinion…what is yours?


To add more fuel to this discussion, here is the charge-off data series for credit cards:


Total Consumer Loans Owned by Credit Unions

This chart, linked below, illustrates the total outstanding amount of credit union consumer loans. We hear a lot about this in credit union trade press, in particular the challenges of growing loans over the last few years. This chart show a “dramatic” decline in total loans, but we sure have come a long way since 1940!


Your favorites?

Every now and then we will share additional resources, ones we utilize in preparing to facilitate client credit union planning session. Until then, let us know if you have a favorite resource…one that helps focus and/or enlighten strategic discussion. Use the comment option to share.

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