Tom Glatt Jr’s CUinsight CU Community Submission for June Now Online

Glatt Consulting’s Tom Glatt, Jr. authored a CUinsight web article titled “Are Credit Unions Too Big To Be Cooperatives?”. The article appears in CUinsight’s online CU Community section, and questions whether credit unions have become too diverse to operate as member-owned cooperatives. 

Key Article Quote

“Back to my original comment about whether credit unions have become too big to truly operate like cooperatives. In some cases that statement is absolutely true. Credit unions that have broad fields of membership and/or diverse membership bonds (vs a tight common bond) have found it nearly impossible to operate like cooperatives – not in the sense of the business model, but in cooperative owner engagement. Proof? Minimal participation in elections, little-to-no participation in governance opportunities, and never a member question regarding financial performance or stability.”

The full text of the article can be found on

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