Join Glatt Consulting For Live Update Of The CU Industry HealthScore

Join Glatt Consulting founder and credit union strategy consultant Tom Glatt, Jr. for a live video update of the latest Credit Union Industry HealthScore. The HealthScore is a financial performance score reflecting the overall health of US-based credit unions. Log in and learn about the health of the nation’s credit union community!  

The update is scheduled for Tuesday September 4 from 1:00-1:30 PM Eastern and is free to the public. Those wishing to view the live broadcast can do so via the HealthScore event on Glatt Consulting’s Google+ page. The event page is available here:

For those unable to make the scheduled live event, the entire broadcast will be recorded and made immediately available on the Glatt Consulting website at

About the HealthScore

Glatt Consulting’s HealthScore system is based on best-practice performance benchmarks for eleven different key credit union metrics. Individual credit union performance is analyzed against each of the benchmark performance categories, resulting in category performance scores. An aggregate score, based on overall category performance, is then determined. Scores are logged for each and every federally insured credit union.

An aggregate score reflecting overall industry health is also determined, as are aggregate scores for each performance category. This score is released as “Glatt Consulting’s Credit Union Industry HealthScore” once per quarter.

The score is published as a means to spark industry discussion regarding key areas of strategic concern to be mitigated, or strengths to be leveraged, within and throughout the credit union community.

About Tom Glatt

Tom Glatt, Jr. is founder of Glatt Consulting, a credit union consulting firm specializing in strategy consulting for credit union boards and management teams. Tom has over 18 years of strategy consulting experience in the credit union community. His primary areas of consulting focus include assisting clients in developing corporate strategy, developing execution and budgeting strategies, and tracking, analyzing and reporting on client strategic performance.

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