A Moment of Reflection…

Danny Silence died on September 5. Most of you don’t know Danny but he was a lot like many of the credit union people I have come to know. He cared about members, his co-workers, his friends, and his credit union. He knew that being a member of the credit union community should be fun, and he made it so.The hat in this picture is sitting on the edge of my desk. I don’t wear it (well… at least not out in public), but it reminds me of the enjoyment I take in working for credit unions, working with great credit union leaders, and by extension working for credit union members. Danny gave it to me.

I only saw Danny once or twice a year on credit union business, but I always looked forward to those encounters. As the hat suggests Danny was quite a kidder, but he enjoyed being the subject of a good joke as much as making someone else one. One funny exchange came at a planning session. I suggested that the credit union have Danny camp out on a billboard and vow not to let him come down until the credit union reached its membership growth objectives. He was not amused… on the surface. I know he enjoyed the back-and-forth though. It inspired the gift of the hat.

I’ll miss Danny. He was one-of-a-kind in a certain respect – the type of person you only meet once – but I’ll take solace in the fact that Danny was one of many kindred spirits shaping today’s credit union community who understand that serving members should bring great joy both to the giver and receiver.

– Tom Glatt, Jr.


  1. Well said, Mr. Glatt, and Thank you! or as Danny would have said “the Traitor thanks you” , our inside joke, hahaha, He was INDEED a very one of a kind guy!

  2. Danny’s office is next to mine, when I walked by on my way back to my office and he was on the phone I couldn’t hear him talking but I sure could hear him when he laughed it seemed like the walls would shake from his laughter. He was the best.

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