Is your team aligned? Is it ready to execute in 2013?

As you prepare for the execution of your credit union’s 2013 strategic plans, consider this question: Do you know whether the organizational priorities of your management team are aligned? Furthermore, do you know whether team members share the same views on current credit union performance? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then your 2013 performance might be much less successful than you expect.

Glatt Consulting offers a unique Management Team Alignment Assessment and Response solution to help credit unions determine whether management team members share the same perspective with regard to organizational performance and priorities, and what to do about it if not.

First we start with an online assessment. Management team members offer their perspective regarding organizational performance and priorities, rating performance across several management-specific disciplines and also ranking organizational priorities.

Once the assessment has been completed, we combine team member responses into a Results and Key Findings Report. The report shows:

  • Consensus opinion on current credit union performance and management team priorities;
  • Range of diversity of team member opinions, with a calculated alignment score that illustrates whether there is organization-wide consensus on performance or broad differences of opinion;
  • Response distribution for each and every question in the survey, identifying the root drivers for both positive and negative performance scores.

Our process ends with a full team debrief with a Glatt Consulting representative, either in person or via conference/video call, where we discuss the team’s results and work to identify areas where team performance must be improved and where misalignment on priorities must be corrected. The end result is a team that understands and acknowledges the varying perspectives fellow team members have, and that is committed to correcting performance and priority failures that could serve to undermine credit union strategy.

To help you better understand the value of our Management Team Alignment Assessment consider the report screenshot below, which represents team performance and priority rankings in the area of credit union strategy.

Assessment Screenshot

In the sample report excerpt above we see that Planning is the fourth-highest priority of the team yet performance in this critical area is a mere 25% (See the table to the right. 100% is the highest level of performance possible). Left uncorrected the team’s planning performance, whether organization-wide or at departmental levels, could fall to even lower levels. The net result of such a trend could range from the team failing to identify new opportunities or pending strategic failures to increasing resource waste.

In addition to low performance on Planning, we also see that Execution garners a low score by the team and is also ranked a low priority. This suggests a team that sets goals, often fails to meet those goals, yet never holds itself accountable to its execution performance. The net result of this trend is a credit union with an increasing number of projects in varying states of completion, with products, services and technology implemented but at sub-optimal levels, and with team members discouraged by the effort of one another.

The full report showcases results such as these in areas of strategy, organizational design, and culture as well as the diversity of individual responses. Download a full report sample for a complete picture of the report you will receive.

Every credit union that works through our Management Team Alignment Assessment process will obtain honest, strategically relevant input from management team members regarding organizational performance and priorities. Should you engage in our process, your team will gain similar clarity not to mention be better prepared to come together, aligned with your credit union’s true organizational priorities.

If you are interested in conducting an assessment of your own management team or learning more about our process, contact Glatt Consulting at (888) 217-5988 or complete our online contact form.

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