Tom Glatt Jr’s Merger Questions Essay Now Available On CUinsight

Tom Glatt, Jr’s latest CUinsight article contribution, “Five Key Questions Credit Union Leaders Should Ask Themselves Before Making a Merger Decision,” is now online. The article explores key questions credit union leaders should consider as they contemplate merger strategy and opportunities. Tom is founder of Glatt Consulting and a strategy consultant for credit union’s nationwide.

Article Excerpt

I have done a very basic study on the health of merged credit unions using the HealthScore system Glatt Consulting created. In all but a few scenarios, merged credit unions possess lower scores than the individual credit unions possessed pre-merger. This suggests to me that the unknowns related to the five questions outlined in this article were never properly explored. In these situations, cultural incompatibilities, opaque decision-making responsibilities, shifting success metrics, lack of adaptability to change (or even a resistance to change) all conspire to undermine merger success.

If your credit union is contemplating a merger, whether as an acquiring credit union or an acquired, take time to really understand your motivations and expectations. Absent such clarity, your decisions to merge will be based on your best guess – hardly a proper way to represent the best interests of your membership.

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