Want to Wreck Your Credit Union? Read Tom Glatt Jr’s Inaugural Financial Brand Post

The Financial Brand April 2013

Tom Glatt, Jr’s first contribution to The Financial Brand is now available. The article is a tongue-in-cheek exploration of three paths leaders of credit unions and banks can follow to drive their institutions to powerfully poor performance.

Article Excerpt

The world is chock full of instructive guides on how to drive your company to new and better heights. Moving cheese, throwing fish, building to last — all of these are frameworks defining paths to organizational excellence. But what about the framework for poor performance, for wasting resources, for disenfranchising employees? If you want to annihilate your bank or credit union for good, here are three sure-fire steps that will do the trick.

The full text of the article can be found at www.thefinancialbrand.com.

About The Financial Brand

The Financial Brand is an online publication focusing on branding issues and advice affecting retail banks and credit unions. It is the singular resource for CEOs and marketing executives looking for the latest ideas and information about how financial institutions build and shape their brands.

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