Distinctive Strategy Consulting

Our consulting efforts are focused on helping credit union clients define distinctive strategies that lead to achievement, growth, and financial health. While we employ a variety of consulting solutions to solve any given strategic challenge, our value as a consulting resource is truly found in the specific and unique challenges we excel at helping credit union clients overcome.

What challenges? What is it that we help credit unions overcome? We’re glad you asked. We help credit unions devise and execute strategy to improve or increase…

  • Earnings/Profitability
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Membership Growth
  • Net Worth
  • Asset Growth
  • Member Relationships (Loans and Deposits)
  • Technology Utilization

The process we implement for client engagements is powerfully simple and involves working with credit union leaders to…

  • Validate (or identify) areas where improvement is desired;
  • Identify the root cause of performance levels in those areas;
  • Establish specific improvement expectations;
  • Define the strategies required to fulfill improvement expectations;
  • Plan for strategic execution; and
  • Manage strategic execution (if such support is required).

If your credit union desires achievement, growth, and financial health, contact Glatt Consulting to begin the process of finding the distinctive solutions that will help you meet your unique objectives.

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