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Runner's World: Bret Dunlap
Runner's World: Bret Dunlap

In the June 2013 Issue of Runner’s World you will find the inspiring story of Bret Dunlap. Bret was severely injured in a horrible accident as a boy, but his life is anything but tragic. If you read only one article this weekend, make it this one.

Why? For many years Bret lived a life where his outlook and perspective were confined by his physical ailments and, more importantly, his own limited thinking with regard to the world around him. His choices were constrained by who he thought he was, and certainly by who others thought he was. But then he started running….

I think there is something very worthwhile credit union leaders can learn from this incredible story – namely that we should never allow ourselves (personally and/or our credit unions) to be hemmed in by self-constructed walls.

You will find the article here: http://www.runnersworld.com/runners-stories/bret-dunlap-discovered-running-and-it-changed-his-life

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