HealthScore Chart of the Week: Geography

This week’s HealthScore Chart of the Week focuses on credit union geography, specifically looking at the location of the most healthy credit unions (those with HealthScores over 4.0). 

There are  83 credit unions with HealthScores greater than 4. Each circular marker represents a credit union, with the size of each marker reflecting the size of the credit union’s associated HealthScore relative to the scores of the other credit unions on the list. The larger the score, the larger the size of the circle. The credit unions with the highest score are designated by the large green dots.

HealthScore Distribution by Geography
HealthScore Distribution by Geography

As is often stated, location matters… or does it? Comments and interpretations welcome. To share your thoughts, use the comments feature below.

Interested in learning more about where your credit union stands in relation to Glatt Consulting’s Credit Union Industry HealthScore? Let us know. You may also want to learn more about our approach to credit union strategy consulting.

Data is as of 12/31/2012

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