Glatt Consulting’s Tom Glatt, Jr. Referenced in MBL Strategy White Paper

Member Business Lending Landscape: Managing Risk & Opportunity

Credit union strategy consultant Tom Glatt, Jr. was quoted in an in-depth Sageworks white paper entitled “Member Business Lending Landscape: Managing Risk & Opportunity.” The whitepaper summarizes the current landscape for member business lending programs among U.S. credit unions and identifies the factors driving MBL growth.


Regulations say a credit union’s member business loan policy must address a requirement “to analyze and document the ability of the borrower to repay the loan consistent with appropriate underwriting and due diligence standards.” This aspect, the regulations say, must also address “the need for periodic financial statements, credit reports, and other data when necessary to analyze future loans and lines of credit, such as, borrower’s history and experience, balance sheet, cash flow analysis, income statements, tax data, environmental impact assessment, and comparison with industry averages, depending upon the loan purpose.”

For credit unions accustomed to underwriting auto loans and consumer lines of credit, assessing creditworthiness of a manufacturing firm or other business is a major change. In addition to lacking the staff experience, credit unions may also find they don’t have the proper systems or analytics to evaluate a more complex borrower relationship.

The complete white paper is available free from Sageworks:

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