Tom Glatt, Jr. To Speak On Credit Union Net Promoter Strategy

Glatt Consulting’s Tom Glatt, Jr. will deliver a session entitled Net Promoter for the Digital Age at CU Conferences’ Reaching Your Members In The 21st Century conference. The conference agenda is designed to help credit union volunteers and executives learn how to  implement an effective Net Promoter program. It is scheduled for November 7-10, 2013 and will be held at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa in Phoenix, AZ.

Session Description

Net Promoter Score, a customer satisfaction measurement philosophy introduced in the early 2000’s, has proven itself effective in driving organizational understanding of consumer interests and perspective. Since its inception credit unions throughout the country have put Net Promoter to use, but often in a highly limited fashion that fails to leverage the immense amount of data credit unions have on their members. Given that we are living squarely in the digital age, it is important that credit unions not only maintain Net Promoter tools, but expand the results of Net Promoter surveys through reference to the rich trove of member data maintained in critical service systems.

In this session, we will review the functions of the Net Promoter Score philosophy, and then delve into how credit unions can expand their knowledge of member perspective and needs by pairing Net Promoter with critical member data.

Conference Description/Details

The Reaching Your Members In The 21st Century Conference is an innovative, comprehensive conference on proven ways to reach your members in today’s ever-changing world.

Conference details and registration available on the CU Conferences website at:


Net Promoter Score is a trademark of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., F . Reichheld, and Bain & Company.

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