Watch GC’s Tom Glatt Discuss LinkedIn with CU Broadcast’s Mike Lawson

CU Broadcast
CU Broadcast

Glatt Consulting’s Tom Glatt, Jr. was a recent guest on CU Broadcast, a credit union talk show focused on credit union issues and trends. Tom spoke with host Mike Lawson on the benefits to credit unions of using social media network LinkedIn. 

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Glatt Consulting’s Tom Glatt joins us to explain how potent LinkedIn can be not only for professionals trolling for jobs but for credit unions enhancing their brands, as well. Tom provides the three ways credit unions can effectively use LinkedIn to enhance their brand along with its advantages over Twitter and Facebook. Yes, I said “advantages”. You gotta hear his take on this one.

The video  can be viewed on the CU Broadcast website at:

About CU Broadcast

CUbroadcast is a credit union talkshow. We interview industry leaders and experts nationwide from credit unions, CUSOs, vendors, regulators, league officials, media, and more. We get their take on the latest industry trends, what we can learn from the past, and how to keep this industry moving forward and better serving its millions of members now and well into the future.

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