Tom Glatt, Jr. To Speak at CU Conferences’ Annual Social Media Conference

Glatt Consulting’s Tom Glatt, Jr. will deliver two sessions at CU Conferences’ 2nd Annual Social Media Conference. The conference agenda is designed to help credit union executives and volunteers learn how to manage and leverage social media tools and resources. It is scheduled for July 10-13, 2014 and will be held at the Seattle Crowne Plaza in Seattle, Washington.

Session Descriptions

The State of Social Media

Facebook is a decade old as is LinkedIn. Twitter is enjoying its 8th year. Pinterest is a mere 3 years of age. Despite their youth, each has already made a profound impact on the way in which people connect and interact online. But while reminiscing on the past successes of these and other social media companies makes for interesting conversation, the more important discussion to have is with regard to how social media companies are changing the way they do things. In this session Tom Glatt, Jr. will share thoughts and insight into where social media’s industry titans are headed and how their unique business strategies will impact credit union social media managers’ communication strategy.

Social Media Paid Advertising

The allure of social media is that the various social media channels available to credit unions today offer cost-free means to communicate product and service benefits to members. An interesting trend, however, is the emerging opportunities for brands to engage in paid, targeted, in-channel social media advertising. In this session, Tom Glatt Jr will explore the variety of paid advertising solutions from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest and in the process help you determine whether paid advertising is a strategy you should adopt at your credit union.

Conference Description/Details

Join CU Conferences and some of the top social media experts as we gather for informative sessions and discussions on today’s important issues surrounding this new opportunity for marketing and communications. Whether you are currently using social media at your CU or plan to do so, there will be a full slate of timely presentations to help your credit union grow through social media.

Conference details and registration available on the CU Conferences website at:

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