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On Tuesday, May 6, CU Conferences hosted a live Google Hangout to introduce the presenters participating in its upcoming Social Media Conference. The video archive of that hangout is now available and is embedded below. Glatt Consulting’s Tom Glatt is one of the conference speakers and also participated in the hangout.

Complete conference details and registration available via the CU Conferences website.

The transcript of Tom’s remarks:

Thanks John.

I’m doing two sessions that I will describe in just a second, but I did want to mention that we are starting off the conference with a hands-on workshop for those not yet versed in the how-to of social media platforms. One thing we learned last year as we went through various social media tools and strategy was that not everyone had accounts on all the platforms we were discussing. This pre-conference workshop, which I believe will be attended by most of our speakers, is designed to help those new to particular social media platforms hit the ground running once the full conference begins. 

As for my sessions, the first one covers The State of Social Media. Facebook is a decade old as is LinkedIn. Twitter is enjoying its 8th year. Pinterest is a mere 3 years of age. Despite their youth, we all know that each has already made a profound impact on the way in which people connect and interact online. The important discussion to have now, however, is with regard to the ways in which social media companies are changing how they do things. That is what this session is all about. I’m going to get into where social media’s industry titans are headed and how their unique business strategies will impact credit union social media managers’ communication strategy. Really, the question we want to answer here is: will you be able to rely on or trust these companies and their services. 

My second session focuses on Social Media Paid Advertising. The allure of social media is that the various channels available to credit unions offer cost-free means to communicate to members. Free options may not go away any time soon, but an interesting perhaps telling trend is the emerging opportunities for brands to engage in paid, targeted, in-channel social media advertising. In this session I’m going to explore the variety of paid advertising solutions from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest and in the process help conference attendees determine whether paid advertising is a strategy they should  adopt. I’ll add that this is an important topic because those free status updates we all know and love so well may not be getting the reach they once did years or even months ago.  

And with that I will turn it over to Michael and Holly…


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