Five Articles to Read This Week…

On occasion we share five of the more thought-provoking, inspiring articles we’ve encountered during the previous week.

For your reading list this week…

‘Disrupt Taco Bell’ Hack Stretches Your Dollar On Late Night Burrito Runs
This article covers a hacked-together service that upon receiving an email describing how much money you have will return a list of the most you can get from Taco Bell – in about 10 seconds. Bet the budget tools you offer members aren’t nearly this easy to work with.

How to Lose $100 Million
Remember when the Daily Beast bought Newsweek? This story is about that fiasco. Good little business yarn.

Do the Wrong Thing: When Best Practices Are Anything But
While this post focus more on PR, the suggestions have value outside of PR activities. Made us think that perhaps “best practice” really means “common dumbness.”

How We Built a New Company Culture
Good culture contributes to business success. Bad culture wreaks havoc. This post breaks down the cultural and values-based principles one CEO followed to revive a flagging business. Note: We help with cultural issues.

With IPO Hopes Fading, Square And Box Face Reality Of Commodity Products
What do you do when your billion-dollar company is hemorrhaging cash, yet can’t be sold, can’t go public, and can’t raise funding? That is the question explored in this post on payments provider Square and cloud storage provider Box.

Have your own suggestions for compelling articles to read this week? Let’s hear ’em! Drop a link or two in the comments section below.

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