Tom Glatt To Speak On Array of Topics During Conference

Holland America ms Nieuw Amsterdam
Holland America ms Nieuw Amsterdam

Glatt Consulting’s Tom Glatt, Jr. will deliver five sessions at CU Conferences’ New Year’s Credit Union Educational Cruise Conference. The conference agenda is designed to explore a multitude of governance and management issues. It is scheduled for December 28, 2014 – January 4, 2015 aboard Holland America’s ms Nieuw Amsterdam.

Session Descriptions

Branching Strategy for the 21st Century – Part 1: The Physical Branch
Despite the predictions of branchless banking, branches continue to play a key role in establishing new relationships with consumers. However, the branch of the future may look nothing like the branch of today.

In this session we will outline the changing role of the branch, highlight the critical types of interactions consumers prefer to have in person, and in the process develop a deep understanding of how branch philosophy must evolve to accommodate changing consumer needs and preferences.

Branching Strategy for the 21st Century – Part 2: The Online/Mobile Branch
For many, if not most credit unions, a future will exist where members rarely step foot in a branch facility. Such members will conduct all of their banking transactions, from account opening to transaction processing, online via computer and/or mobile devices. There are a few credit unions for which this future exists today. For every other credit union, it is time to prepare.

In this session we will go beyond the discussion of why online services are important, pushing instead into an exploration of the building blocks of a powerful online branch to include the functions, features and costs required to drive member interest and engagement in an online world.

Evaluating and Selecting Big Ticket Vendors
Vendors are part of the broad infrastructure that drives the delivery of products and services to members. Vendors that properly support your strategies will strengthen your infrastructure, greatly enhance your competitive ability, and help make your members happy. Vendors that do not match your strategies will weaken you, leading to poor service delivery, competitive disadvantage, and broad member dissatisfaction.

Vendor selection is clearly a critical task. How, then, do you ensure that the vendors you choose are right for you? With a proper, and thorough method for vendor evaluation and selection. In this in-depth session we will explore such a model, discussing in detail the steps you need to take to ensure your vendors add value not only to the credit union’s infrastructure, but to the process of building profitable, long-lasting member relationships.

Building and Maintaining an Effective CEO Performance Evaluation Process
Evaluating CEO performance is a critical board responsibility. Why, then, do so many boards dislike the entire process of evaluating the performance of their most important employee? Why is the process so hard to complete on a timely basis? Why does the process almost always fall behind schedule? Is there a better way?

In this session we will walk through the most common methods by which CEOs are evaluated. We will outline the root causes of board and CEO dissatisfaction with these methods and offer a unique strategy for a more informative and useful evaluation process.

Succession Planning: Beyond Job Descriptions and Interim Leadership
CEO’s come and go. Some leave after long, effective careers while others depart rather abruptly and without warning. Regardless of the circumstance of departure, Boards must be prepared to evaluate and hire new leadership in an even-handed and thoughtful way. A current industry challenge, however, is that for most credit unions succession plans focus solely on the tactical steps of succession while completely ignoring strategic interests.

In this session, we will walk through a process designed to drive a succession plan and associated policy that defines both the steps required for succession and the strategic context in which succession decisions must be made.

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