Is Your Management Team Aligned? Time To Find Out!

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A wise CEO knows whether the organizational priorities of management team members are the same as his or her own, or if team members share the same views regarding organizational performance. Unfortunately, it is often not until change is immediately necessary that CEOs find out just how aligned, or more often misaligned, team members really are.

A team aligned around a core set of priorities, excelling at best-class business responsibilities, will be better able to leverage change for competitive advantage.

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Enterprise Assessment Results Report

As 2015 hits the second quarter, take time now to establish your own baseline understanding of team perspective on performance and priorities by having your team complete our Enterprise Assessment survey. The survey is designed to obtain the opinion of team members regarding organizational performance, alignment, and priorities across a number of strategic, operational, and cultural areas of focus.

Following receipt of the survey results report, you will have access to sound, relevant date reflecting the performance and priority opinions of your team – and know for sure if team perspective on performance and priorities is really aligned.

Quickly respond to competitive threats and strategic opportunities by leveraging the collective weight of a team marching in the same strategic direction.

Special Q2 2015 Engagement Fee

The fee for the assessment is $500 if completed in the second quarter of 2015.

To Schedule an Assessment

There is no better, more efficient way for CEOs to obtain a snapshot of what management team members think about their credit union than our assessment process. To schedule an assessment, complete our online contact form or call the office at (888) 217-5988.

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