Credit Union Industry HealthScore Climbs Again

Glatt Consulting’s Credit Union Industry HealthScore has been updated to include data from the first quarter of 2015. The score is now at 2.631, a 4.74% improvement from the previous quarter’s score of 2.512 and a 2.86% improvement over 2014’s first quarter score of 2.558. This is the 3rd highest score over the last decade.

About the HealthScore

The Credit Union Industry HealthScore is a composite financial performance score reflecting the financial health of US-based credit unions. The HealthScore system calculates overall credit union health by scoring/grading credit union performance across eleven different key ratios including Net Worth, ROAA, Operating Expense, Efficiency, Charge-Off, Delinquency, Loans, Deposits, Loan-to-Share, Asset Growth, and Membership Growth. Grading is based on a five-point scale, with 0 reflecting poor health and 5 reflecting exceptional health.

The HealthScore is published quarterly and is used by Glatt Consulting, individual credit unions, and media professionals alike to track, report on, and respond to industry-wide trends affecting credit union health.

Score Strengths

In analyzing score data to uncover underlying trends we look to year-over-year percent changes in scores. The latest calculations show a slight drop in score for asset growth, but every other score in the HealthScore system shows a positive change over the same period the year before. The heat-map style illustration below, which highlights negative changes in red and positive changes in yellow or green depending on the size of the change, showcases the data trends (click the image to open in a new window).

CU Industry HealthScore
Year-Over-Year %Change

The industry remains on track and continues to gain health. This should reinforce the decision that millions of Americans have made to invest their trust, and money, in credit unions!

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Want Your HealthScore?

We have a special Q1 report and data offer for you! For $100 get a HealthScore Report on your credit union, and a spreadsheet containing key Q1 financial and ratio data for all federally-insured credit unions. Your credit union’s executives and volunteers alike can use the HealthScore report to benchmark performance against industry leaders and laggards at national, asset peer, state, and local levels – and use the spreadsheet to rank and research individual credit union performance according to your own interests.

To order the HealthScore report and spreadsheet for your credit union, simply complete the form below. We will process your order and invoice you for the balance, which you can pay either by check or credit card. The invoice and data files will be delivered electronically via email. Click here for HealthScore-only orders.

Custom Project Reporting

In addition, we will also run custom reports for credit unions, vendors, and media professionals. Our custom reports have been used by credit unions to identify potential merger partners, isolate growing markets, track local competitors, and to track strategic performance. Vendors have used our reports to define target markets based on degrees of credit union health. Media professionals have used our reports to track general industry health, and the impact of proposed regulations on industry health.

Custom reporting is offered for a nominal fee, with fees determined by project scope. Contact Glatt Consulting to discuss custom reports for your organization.

Photo Credit: “Climbing” by Michael Pollak is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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