400 Credit Union Leaders and Counting

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Glatt Consulting is pleased to announce that the list of credit union leaders signed up to receive quarterly Credit Union HealthScore reports has hit 400! As we prepare to release score reports for Q1 2016 make sure you are signed up to receive your own unique assessment of credit union health. 

Visit us at https://glattconsulting.com/healthscore/healthscore-purchase to learn more about HealthScore report contents, and to sign up to receive a complimentary Credit Union Industry HealthScore report for your credit union.

About the HealthScore

Glatt Consulting’s Credit Union Industry HealthScore is a composite financial performance score reflecting the financial health of US-based credit unions. The HealthScore system calculates overall credit union health by scoring/grading credit union performance across seventeen different key ratios.

The HealthScore is published quarterly and is used by Glatt Consulting, individual credit unions, and media professionals alike to track, report on, and respond to industry-wide trends affecting credit union health.

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