Hurricane Florence

Glatt Consulting Group is headquartered in Wilmington, NC. As of September 11, the projected path of Hurricane Florence includes Wilmington. We thought we’d take a moment to update clients as to the protections GC places on client data and project information, and our plans should the hurricane cause transportation infrastructure damage.

Cloud-Based Systems

Most of our creative content is stored in the cloud. We also store local backups of certain critical client files. We do not anticipate loss of data or services at any time during the storm.


Should there be damage to the Wilmington and/or broader North Carolina transportation infrastructure it is possible that we could miss participating in client events, or be delayed in travel. Should this situation arise we will make every effort to make alternative arrangements, or participate in client events via video or conference call.

Thank You

We’ve heard from many clients checking in to make sure we’re doing ok. We appreciate the outreach, and find it to be a true expression of credit union principles.

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