Make Note: GC HealthScore Subscriber Report Enhancement

We’re announcing a new update to our complementary quarterly HealthScore report. In our quarterly reports sent to subscribers there is a section called the Watch List which report subscribers use to track and benchmark performance of peers. Formerly the credit unions on the watch list were specific to the credit union receiving the report – which meant that all users from the same credit union had the same watch list.

Well… we’ve rewritten our database so that the watch list is now tied to individual users rather than to a credit union. That means that individual report subscribers can now benchmark credit unions of interest to them specifically. For example, a lending executive may track credit unions that are strong lending competitors in the local indirect market while the a retail delivery executive may track credit union’s with nearby facilities.

We encourage existing individual subscribers to let us know what changes or additions they’d like to make to the Watch List section. Instructions for changes were included with the most receive report update. For new subscribers, our subscription form will ask about watch list credit unions. The institutions included in the subscription form will be added to the subscriber’s individual watch list record in our database.

Also… while we certainly encourage sharing of our quarterly reports within a credit union, it doesn’t cost anything for team members to set themselves up with their own quarterly HealthScore update. It’s better for individual team members (to include board members!) to receive their own report. To subscribe visit

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