The State With The Highest HealthScore Is…

We recently released our Q4 2018 HealthScore which involves sending custom reports to report subscribers, publishing our summary report on the health and performance of US credit unions, and updating our industry score trends pages over on the main GC website. One of the new datasets we’re starting to dig into now is credit union health on a per-state basis. We thought you might like to see the aggregate data.

As a reminder, the HealthScore is a composite financial performance score reflecting the financial health of US-based credit unions. Our HealthScore system/database calculates overall credit union health by scoring/grading credit union performance across 17 different key ratios on a ten-point scale with 10 indicating the highest possible performance. The table below showcases the average scores for credit unions in each state. As you’ll note in the table, Nevada has the highest score of 6.814.

Is that a good score? It’s really good. Generally individual credit unions with HealthScores of 5-5.5 are average – which means stable, sound, etc. Credit unions with scores above 6 are doing many things right if not exceptionally well – and states with scores above 6 indicate that the state is populated with an abundance of such credit unions.

Nevada’s current level of performance is much improved as compared to the recession-era timeframe. The state reached a low-point in the fourth quarter of 2010 with an average HealthScore of 4.51. It is definitely a new day in Nevada – as it is in almost all of the states that suffered the most during the recession.

So… how is your state doing? Take a look below. And, if you are a credit union volunteer or employee and are interested in receiving a free report on your credit union, sign up here.

State Average HealthScore
NV 6.814
WA 6.737
OR 6.666
UT 6.465
ME 6.458
MN 6.452
ND 6.379
NM 6.374
CO 6.289
WI 6.233
SD 6.224
NH 6.194
CA 6.186
MT 6.182
WY 6.180
AK 6.129
ID 6.111
IA 6.082
FL 6.046
MA 6.042
SC 6.024
TN 6.017
RI 5.988
KY 5.985
HI 5.968
VT 5.949
MI 5.948
GA 5.873
TX 5.842
AZ 5.836
MD 5.836
PR 5.807
OK 5.790
NE 5.787
IN 5.760
MO 5.751
NY 5.735
WV 5.731
IL 5.683
GU 5.676
AL 5.655
PA 5.643
AR 5.622
VA 5.605
OH 5.596
NC 5.573
KS 5.572
MS 5.531
LA 5.491
DC 5.480
CT 5.285
NJ 5.264
DE 5.083
VI 4.724

Photo by John-Mark Smith from Pexels

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