Tom Glatt to Speak at CUC Social Media Conference

Portland Or

Join fellow board of directors, board chairs, CEOs, supervisory committee members and others from credit unions across the country at CU Conferences’ 2020 Social Media conference. GC’s Tom Glatt will serve as conference MC and will also deliver sessions covering governance and social media, and setting specific contexts for social media engagement. The conference runs from June 25-28, 2020 and will be held at Benson Portland hotel in Portland, OR.

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Tom’s Session Descriptions

Governance and Social Media

Credit union boards face two unique challenges in this day and age. The first is maintaining a proper connection to the credit union’s member-owners. The second is recruiting, developing, and retaining future volunteers. While these are likely challenges you face at your own credit union, you may not know that the variety of social media platforms can serve as powerful tools to meet both challenges head on. In this governance-oriented session, long-time credit union consultant Tom Glatt, Jr. will explore the variety of ways your credit union can leverage social media to serve a unique governance purpose, and in the process teach you how to use social media to solve the two critical challenges of membership and volunteer engagement and development.

Social Media: What is it Good For?

Context is everything. Context tells you what is or isn’t appropriate, what to expect, how to plan. Without context it is extremely difficult to make effective decisions. With regard to social media, context is even more important as it tells you how to define your social media goals, and in what ways you will engage your audience. For credit unions, there are four pillars of proper credit union social media context: service, education, marketing, and reputation risk mitigation. In this session, Tom Glatt, Jr. will help you better understand each pillar, and how to leverage them for setting social media goals and engagement strategies uniquely relevant to your credit union.

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