HealthScore Update

We so appreciate the interest our 300+ HealthScore report subscribers have in receiving timely updates. We have seen a notable uptick in visits to the HealthScore site resources over the last few days – the time when we would normally be releasing an update. We’ve also been pinged with a number of emails from subscribers “checking in.” Clearly our hungry subscribers are looking for the latest insights – so why are we delayed!?

The short answer is that the NCUA’s data release has been delayed, likely due to late filings from credit unions around the country, and the regulators own COVID-challenged work environment. We rely on the complete and final data set from the NCUA to feed our report engine, ergo no HealthScore reports. In the interim we appreciate your patience. We also hope you rest assured that we’ll distribute reports in short order once we have received and validated the underlying data.

Launching a New Industry HealthScore Tracker

We love that subscribers like you have derived helpful insight from our quarterly HealthScore reports over the years, but clearly the metric is backwards-looking. This is due to the fact that we are using data that is eight weeks old at best. Case in point, the data we are going to publish soon will be from the first quarter, a cycle that ended March 31 – well before most of the COVID-related issues we are now dealing with had an opportunity to show up in industry financial performance.

To create more timely value, we are inviting credit unions to participate in a new monthly HealthScore reporting endeavor. We’ve almost finished buildout of a tool that calculates aggregate and component HealthScores from ratios submitted directly to us by participating credit unions. If we achieve an appropriate sample size, then the monthly scores we’ll be able to provide to subscribers will offer timely insight into near-current movements in credit union industry health – insight you can use to identify and respond to key environmental trends.

Participation is free, monetarily speaking. To receive a monthly HealthScore report your credit union need only submit to us, via an online form, the 17 ratios making up our HealthScore model each month, generally no later than the 15th of each month.


At the moment we are gathering a list of credit unions interested in participating. We hope to have an appropriate sample size in time to start reporting in August, 2020 using July, 2020 numbers. If you want to be added to the list, please enter your contact information in our online RSVP form. We’ll use the contact information you provide to keep you updated on our progress, and let you know when we are ready for you to designate a team member to submit data to our reporting engine. You’ll find the form here:

Notes and Caveats: Because the monthly report will not contain data from every credit union, our monthly report will be different than our more comprehensive quarterly report that includes state and local score references, leaders/laggards, etc. If you are’t already subscribed, take a moment to sign up for our free comprehensive quarterly report!

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