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Digital Transformation

Join Tom Glatt and his fellow presenters at CU Conferences’ Digital Transformation conference. Tom will deliver three sessions ranging from organizational structure to risk profiles. These topics are described below.

The conference will be at the Nugget Casino Resort Reno, Nevada from July 13 – 16, 2023. For complete conference details and registration, visit the official conference site.

Glatt Consulting Sessions

Organizational Structure: Building a Digital-First Business Model

Whether you’re cautiously evolving into a credit union with a digital service offering or already consider yourself a fully-digital credit union, there is a fundamental element that must be present to ensure successful strategic execution over the long-term: a digital-first business model. In this in-depth session Tom Glatt will dive into the elements of business model structure, teach you how to use that structure to reimagine and execute a competitive digital-first model, and leave you with tips on how to best maintain your business model advantage.

Taking Risk: The Risk Profile Necessary for Innovation and Transformation

You want to be a strong digital competitor, and that means embracing innovation. New products, new processes, and most importantly, new strategies will be necessary to drive innovation – and “new” requires taking risks. But not every organization has what it takes to take risk due to the risk profiles of their leadership teams. In this session, Tom Glatt will utilize the Risk Type Compass to describe the various risk-taking profile types individuals possess, explore the profile types necessary to drive innovation, and leave you with tips on how to deal with risk aversion in positive and helpful ways.

Transformative Goals: Creating Forward-Looking Organizational Guidance

The world largest, most successful, and best known companies did not start at the top, nor did they get there by accident. Most, if not all of them, used a tried and true methodology for establishing organizational goals – goals that then challenged their respective leadership teams to achieve peak performance and create exceptional shareholder value. While many credit unions set goals, few set the kinds of transformative, forward-looking goals that drive peak performance and exceptional value. In this session Tom Glatt will teach you how to rethink your goal structure and development process using the same tried and true methodologies in place at the world’s best run companies.


Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

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