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Director’s Roundtable

Join Tom Glatt and his fellow presenters at CU Conferences’ National Directors Roundtable conference. Tom will lead a pre-conference workshop on governance responsibilities and liabilities, and deliver a session on business model evolution. These topics are described below.

The conference will be at the Hilton Resorts World in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 16 – 20, 2023. Visit the official conference site for complete conference details and registration.

Glatt Consulting Sessions

Workshop: Board Responsibilities and Liabilities

In 1994 the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development published the Principles for Effective Governance. Since their release, the principles have defined for governing bodies worldwide a foundational governing framework, clear expectations for governance engagement by board members, and a delineation of governance vs management responsibilities.

Glatt Consulting has adapted these principles for use in credit unions, and in this detailed session Tom will dive deep into these credit union governance principles, showcasing what today’s boards must concern themselves with to avoid poor organizational performance and governance liability.

The Business Model Evolution

Most credit unions today operate with the same business model and organizational structure that they operated with ten or even 20 years ago. While the practice may make leaders comfortable, an old business model will all but ensure lackluster innovation and barely-average performance. In this session, Tom will walk you through a modern method for developing and visualizing your credit union’s business model – and in the process inspire you to move from maintaining the status quo to building for a sustainable future.


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