About Us

We’re a boutique consulting firm serving credit union leaders. Boutique means we engage with a small collection of clients – a strategy that enables us to develop deep and meaningful connections that lead to more effective and relevant project outcomes.

We were established in 2006, but our relationship with the credit union movement began in 1995 when our founder, Tom Glatt, first started consulting with credit unions. We have a hard-earned awareness of the unique challenges and opportunities facing the credit union movement.

“…Our main focus is adding value, bringing new ideas and creativity to every client project….”

Our Team

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This is a photo of Tom Glatt

Tom Glatt

Tom is the founder of Glatt Consulting and serves as a principal consultant on credit union strategy, business model, leadership & governance projects.

This is a photo of Tyler Glatt

Tyler Glatt

Tyler is an associate at Glatt Consulting and serves as a credit union research and data analyst for HealthScore and client market analysis projects.

This is a photo of Jennifer Glatt

Jennifer Glatt

Jennifer is a Glatt Consulting advisor, contributing to content development projects, integrated marketing strategy, and client messaging.

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