Tom Glatt

  • A photo of a man looking at charts on a tablet.

    Q2 2023 HealthScore Update

    In this latest Glatt Consulting Insights Brief, GC’s Tom Glatt explores the latest credit union industry HealthScore trends. Credit quality, cash, and growth are this quarter’s key score drivers. Watch now.

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  • This is a photo of a fiver optic cable. It illustrates the concept of reachnig customers.

    Reaching Members

    Join Tom Glatt and his fellow presenters at CU Conferences’ 2023 Reaching Members conference. Tom will deliver two sessions ranging from FinTechs to strategic threats.

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  • This image shows the Celebrity Apex cruise ship. The educational conference is aboard the Apex.

    New Year’s Cruise Conference

    Join Tom Glatt and his fellow presenters, including Glatt Consulting advisor Jennifer Glatt, at CU Conferences’ New Year’s Credit Union Educational Cruise conference. Tom will lead multiple sessions, covering such topics as: Jennifer, with a Masters degree in Integrated Marketing and Communication, will deliver a session on Persuading and Attracting Members and Potential Members to…

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