Glatt Consulting’s Governance Consulting solution is a development and facilitation experience designed to help your board build and implement a best-practice, principles-driven governance framework and complementary set of board responsibilities.

Your Objectives

What do you want out of your governance efforts and structure? Following is a list of commonly sought-after objectives we’ve distilled from our high-performing credit union clients:

  • You want to govern well and with purpose.
  • You want your governance efforts to be meaningful and purpose-aligned.
  • You want a clear governance framework with well-defined and understood responsibilities.
  • You want a governance model that is easy to describe to prospective board members, and that creates context for board member onboarding and development.

Our Support

How can Glatt Consulting help you meet these objectives? Where do we focus our efforts? Typically in the following ways:

  • Using the Policy Governance© model, We work with you to establish formal governance principles that create governance purpose, context, and outcomes.
  • We work with you to develop a set of specific principles-based governance responsibilities and corresponding activities.
  • We work with you to define context for governance development programs for current and future board members.
  • We work with you to develop a transition plan for governance framework implementation.
  • We coach you through the execution of your transition plan.
  • We build a database tool for you that allows for ongoing management of the governance framework.


What do you gain as a result of working with Glatt Consulting? What is the deliverable for a governance consulting project?

  • An updated and clear governance framework for your credit union built on best-practice principles for effective governance.
  • A defined set of board responsibilities aligned to your governance framework and interests, and a collection of associated procedures for fulfilling responsibilities.
  • A model for board member development.
  • A database tool to manage board roles, responsibilities, and action plans.

Use Case Scenarios

How have other clients put our governance consulting efforts to work for their benefit? For projects including:

  • Creating a new governance model for an existing credit union
  • Creating a new governance model for a proposed/de novo credit union
  • Creating effective governance development programs
  • Aligning merging credit union boards of directors
  • Preparing for board succession