Principles Governance

Glatt Consulting’s Principles Governance model development consulting solution is designed to help your board fully understand, build out, and migrate to the Principles Governance model of governance oversight and activity.

Project Structure

Our consulting projects are structured around “blocks” of activities each designed to lead to critical awareness or decisions specific to a given project type and its outcome. For Principles Governance these blocks include:

  1. Project Admin: We will deploy project-specific resources so that the project is properly defined and supported. We will share access to project databases and/or views to ensure the project stays on track and so that project participants remain informed.
  2. Current-State Governance Model & Responsibilities: We will facilitate the capture/update of governance model elements and performance level of governance model elements so that governance responsibilities are known to project participants. We will document governance model elements in a project-specific database.
  3. Principles Governance Model Education: We will lead in-depth Principles Governance model education, and discuss issues likely to arise during the transition from the current state model to the Principles Governance model.
  4. Principles Governance Model Development: We will facilitate the development/creation of Principles Governance model policy structures and content, to include principles statements, job responsibilities, and job processes/workflows. We will document policy structures in the project database.
  5. Migration Plan: We will aid in the development of a clear and executable plan for migrating from the current-state model to the Principles Governance model, including timelines, tasks, and responsibilities. We will document migration strategy in the project database.
  6. Migration Support Retainer: We will provide ongoing support for Principles Governance model migration, serving as a resource for the board, and helping to ensure migration strategy remains on track in accordance with the migration strategy plan.

Project Customization

While we generally recommend clients work through each of the blocks making up our Principles Governance consulting solution, we do allow for clients to build a custom solution within our Principles Governance structure. For example, a client may want to work with us up through developing the Principles Governance model, but may prefer addressing migration plans and support internally without additional assistant.

Participant Engagement

Each of the blocks outlined above involve varying degrees of interaction and engagement with project participants. Block efforts might include discovery and rating surveys, virtual and/or in-person results debriefs and discussions, and decision making made for the benefit of subsequent project blocks and the organization’s Principles Governance deployment.

Project Timeline

Project timelines are generally adapted to client-specific demands, although we do have a recommended pacing for Principles Governance projects. This timeline is as follows:

Project FoundationMonth 1
Current-State Governance Model & ResponsibilitiesMonth 2
Principles Governance Model EducationMonth 3
Principles Governance Model DevelopmentMonths 4 – 5
Migration PlanMonth 6
Migration Support RetainerMonths 7 – 12
Principles Governance Project Timeline

By spacing project activities across multiple months, participants are allowed opportunities to thoughtfully participate and contribute to an effective and informed project outcome.

Project Deliverables

Planning Database

For a Principles Governance project deployment of the Principles Governance model is the defined deliverable, but in the case of Glatt Consulting the policies and model are documented in an extensive project-specific database, ownership of which is transferred to the client to use for on-going Principles Governance model management.

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