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All businesses face the challenge of maintaining a proper balance between strategy, organizational structure, leadership, governance – not to mention the push and pull of data trends. Our consulting services are designed to help our client credit unions strengthen the bonds between these critical areas of management and governance responsibility while considering new opportunities for growth and organizational development. Learn more about how we’ve helped other credit unions, and how we might help yours.


Organizational structure outlines the ways in which an institution goes about supporting its own strategic plans. Organizational structure is multi-faceted, touching on process, procedures, workflow, systems, marketing/branding, compensation, performance evaluation, benchmarking, succession and more. In short, it is institutional infrastructure.


Leadership is less about position or title than it is organizational responsibility and influence. Good leadership leverages delegated responsibilities to move an organization closer to its stated goals and objectives – in healthy and positive ways. Without good leadership, organizations underperform at best or fail at worst. You need good leaders.


Strategy outlines the boundaries of an institution’s environment; it defines a framework of expectation. An effective strategic plan includes both strategy and realistic financial performance standards, and provides a sound basis to assess and react to real-time performance and changing industry dynamics.


Governance as a discipline is much more broad and involved than simply “setting policy.” Governance, in its totality, is establishing the process of governing, and then living in that process – to the long-term health and success of the organization.