Our assessment solutions cover individual, business model, and governance skill and performance, helping to affirm organizational strengths and identify potential development opportunities.

Assessment Methods and Options

Our assessment methodology is consistent: we facilitate your assessment, and then we engage in a constructive results debrief to ensure you understand the results and how to properly leverage them. Assessment include:

Risk Profile

We assess risk profiles using the Risk Type Compass, a well-researched tool that offers insight into how individuals and teams are likely to approach and behave in situations involving risk.

Emotional Intelligence

We assess emotional intelligence using the Emotional Quotient Inventory 2.0, a well-researched tool that offers insight into individual and team emotional intelligence skill competencies and gaps.

Governance Performance

We assess governance performance using a self assessment based on the Principles for Effective Governance, a set of best-practice governance principles created by the globally-respected Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Business Model Performance

We assess business model performance using a self-assessment based on the Business Model Canvas, a construct for visualizing business model structure and composition.

Assessment Follow-Up

Identified skill or competency gaps you want to close? We can extend our working relationship beyond the assessment, helping you and/or your team create and execute relevant development plans.

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