Our leadership solution results in management team awareness of critical leadership skills and potential skill gaps, and the creation and execution of responsive development plans that push towards peak performance. Our process incorporates three distinct activities that, at various stages, deeply engages the team and its individual members.

Key Activities

Activity 1: Assessment – We begin by utilizing EQ-i 2.0 and the Risk Type Compass to assess individual team member Emotional Intelligence, and risk type and attitude respectively. Within this step, we debrief each individual on their assessment results, working to establish a thorough understanding of personal Emotional Intelligence and Risk Type profiles.

Activity 2: Development Planning – Utilizing the individual assessment results, we build team Emotional Intelligence and Risk Type profile reports that illustrate team leadership skills and potential skill gaps. We then debrief the management team as a group on the team’s Emotional Intelligence and Risk Type Compass profiles, and work with the team to create forward-looking development plans to strengthen team Emotional Intelligence, and work more effectively with the team’s Risk Type Compass profile.

Activity 3: Plan Execution and Coaching – We check in with the team monthly over a 6-month timeframe, facilitating discussion about development progress, and helping the team determine how to address development plan roadblocks.


At the conclusion of our leadership development process, credit union clients possess:

  • Comprehensive individual and team assessment Emotional Intelligence reports.
  • Comprehensive individual and team assessment Risk Type Compass reports.
  • Individual team member awareness of Emotional Intelligence competencies.
  • Individual team member awareness of Risk Type profiles.
  • A team development plan to elevate Emotional Intelligence skills, and better leverage Risk Type Compass profiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this process take?

The overall process takes approximately eight months. The assessment process typically takes one month to complete, an effective development plans takes about one month to develop, and the coaching sessions are held monthly for period of six months.

Is there individual coaching to complement team coaching?

Other than the debrief of individual results, individual coaching is not a part of the leadership program – but it can be added for team members as desired. The workflow for individual coaching is generally the same (activities two and three above), but the effort and outcome is confidential to the individual.