Leadership is less about position or title than it is organizational responsibility and influence. Good leadership leverages delegated responsibilities to move an organization closer to its stated goals and objectives – in healthy and positive ways. Without good leadership, organizations underperform at best or fail at worst. You need good leaders.

The question is, how to develop good leaders – especially if current organizational leadership influences are weak.

We help credit unions develop their leadership talent through the use of well-researched assessment tools, and tested personal development planning and accountability support. If you have a staff member, or even multiple staff members, that need help developing and honing their leadership skills, we’re the partner for you.

Leadership Development Projects

We have worked on a variety of credit union leadership development projects, including:

  • Succession planning and readiness
  • Executive management coaching
  • Leadership cohort creation/cohort member development and coaching
  • Board coaching
  • Emotional Quotient-Inventory 2.0 assessment and development plans*

Virtual Leadership Development Projects

In today’s pandemic environment, organizations are adapting to new and different ways of working. Our Leadership Development solutions are, in almost all cases, adaptable to the new work dynamic. If you need to assess your team’s emotional intelligence, create an emotional intelligence development plan for individual employees, plan for board or leadership succession, and the like, we can assist – without typical onsite requirements.

Have a Leadership Development Project In Mind?

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*We are certified in Emotional Quotient-Inventory 2.0, or EQ-i 2.0. Emotional Quotient-Inventory 2.0 and EQ-i 2.0 are registered service marks of Multi-Health Systems Inc.