Strategy outlines the boundaries of an institution’s environment; it defines a framework of expectation. An effective strategic plan includes both strategy and realistic financial performance standards, and provides a sound basis to assess and react to real-time performance and changing industry dynamics.

We help credit unions establish proper and relevant strategic plans that can be used to direct all facets of daily activity and decision making.

Strategy Projects

We have worked on a variety of credit union strategy projects, including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business line/department planning
  • Project management
  • Merger planning
  • Charter/marketplace expansion
  • Market/Field of Membership targeting
  • Target market analysis and selection
  • New product assessment/development

Virtual Strategy Projects

In today’s pandemic environment, organizations are adapting to new and different ways of working. Our Strategy solutions are, in almost all cases, adaptable to the new work dynamic. If you need to engage in strategic planning, expand your marketplace, develop merger strategy, and the like, we can assist – without typical onsite requirements.

Have a Strategy Project In Mind?

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