Our strategy solution results in a strategic plan composed of key health indicators, strategic objectives and key results, and organizational project plans. Our process incorporates five distinct activities that, at various stages, deeply engage management team and board members.

Key Activities


Activity 1: Business Model Discovery – We begin by leading the management team through an internal business model analysis to identify business model strengths, and potential strategic gaps.

Activity 2: Environmental Issues & Competitor Discovery – We then lead the management team and board through an external environmental and competitor analysis to identify potential areas of strategic concern and disruptive impact.

Activity 3: Strategy Brainstorming – We finally work the management team and board through a brainstorming and priority ranking exercise to identify potential objectives that could serve to address business model gaps and/or respond to environmental and competitor issues and opportunities.

Strategy and Project Planning

Activity 4: Strategic Decisions – After pre-planning activities have been completed, we facilitate an in-depth discussion focused on identifying the key health indicators, and the objectives and key results the credit union will work to achieve. This is the credit union’s strategic plan.

Activity 5: Project Planning – Following the planning session we will work with the management team to identify the projects/action items that give the credit union the greatest likelihood of achieving the variety of expectations defined in the strategic plan, including timelines and accountabilities.


At the conclusion of our strategy planning process, credit union clients possess:

  • A clear picture of the business model.
  • A clear perspective of environmental and competitor risks.
  • A set of key health indicators that combine to define fundamental risk appetite.
  • A set of objectives and key results that establish desired strategic achievement.
  • A project plan that outlines how the management team will comply with key health indicators, and achieve its objectives and key results.

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