Organizational structure outlines the ways in which an institution goes about supporting its own strategic plans. Organizational structure is multi-faceted, touching on process, procedures, workflow, systems, marketing/branding, compensation, performance evaluation, benchmarking, succession and more. In short, it is institutional infrastructure.

In an age where innovations occur at breakneck speed, organizational structure cannot be constant. It must respond to the changing needs of the key stakeholders it was created to support.

Organizational structure often fails to keep pace with the demands of stakeholders due to internal bias, tradition, and even lethargy. We help credit unions take a fresh look at their organizational structure, identifying the strategies, solutions, and internal practices necessary to succeed in today’s highly competitive financial services industry. And in the event credit union clients are ill-equipped to execute change, we help with that, too.

Organizational Structure Projects

We have worked on a variety of credit union structure projects, including:

  • Structure and workflow analysis
  • Structure and workflow (org chart) design/development
  • Project management
  • Succession preparation
  • Sales and business development structure
  • Merger workflow assimilation/integration
  • Vendor evaluation and selection

Virtual Organizational Structure Projects

In today’s pandemic environment, organizations are adapting to new and different ways of working. Our Organizational Structure solutions are, in almost all cases, adaptable to the new work dynamic. If you need to assess structural efficiency, develop project management expertise, evaluate and improve your business model, and the like, we can assist – without typical onsite requirements.

Have a Structure Project In Mind?

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