Our structure solution results in a complete business model construct for each unique and strategically-important member segment, and an organizational structure (executive job functions and reporting lines) necessary for the business model to properly function. Our process incorporates three distinct activities that, at various stages, deeply engage senior management.

Key Activities

Activity 1: Business Model Discovery – We begin by leading the management team through an internal business model analysis to identify business model strengths, and potential strategic gaps. Within this step we work to develop a set of business model recommendations (options) for the management team to consider, discuss, and adopt.

Activity 2: Organizational Structure Recommendation – We utilize the business model construct to develop a set of organizational structure recommendations (options) for the management team to consider, discuss, and adopt. These recommendations include senior to mid-level management roles and functions aligned with the business model(s), and related organizational charts outlining management/oversight relationships.

Activity 3: Migration Planning – We finally work with the management team to identify the projects/action items that give the credit union the greatest likelihood of successfully migrating from its current organizational structure to its desired business model and structure combination (the business models and structures chosen in the previous two steps).


At the conclusion of our structure development process, credit union clients possess:

  • A clear picture of the credit union’s ideal business model(s).
  • An updated structure, including management roles and responsibilities, aligned with and supportive of business model functionality.
  • A project plan that outlines how the management team will migrate to its chosen business model and organizational structure.

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