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Strategy, structure, governance, & leadership consulting for boards and management.

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Founded in 2006, Glatt Consulting has emerged as a trusted credit union resource, a firm to which credit union management teams and boards turn when in need of informed, client-centered, industry-specific, and effective consulting support. Learn more

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We’re focused on four disciplines: strategy, organizational structure, governance, and leadership, each delivered via discipline-specific processes we’ve developed over many years of service to credit union management teams and boards. Learn more

Latest Insights

  • Strategic Positioning
    Only when you know all of your positioning variables can you identify the real marketplace opportunities available to your credit union.
  • HealthScore Interview with Mike Lawson
    GC’s Tom Glatt joined Mike Lawson from CU Broadcast to discuss credit union health and performance.
  • HealthScore Update
    The credit union industry HealthScore, updated to include 3rd quarter 2021 performance data, is 6.333. The latest score represents a 3.24% year-over-year improvement.
  • Effective Communication
    We’ve been talking, as the human race, for thousands of years. You would think by now we would have figured this out.

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