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All businesses face the challenge of maintaining a proper balance between strategy, organizational structure, leadership, and governance. Our consulting services are designed to help our client credit unions strengthen the bonds between these critical areas of management and governance responsibility while considering new opportunities for growth and organizational development. And many can be delivered virtually to accommodate today’s pandemic environment.

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GC Podcast: End of Days

Join GC’s Matt Griffiths and Tom Glatt as they dive into the inauguration and a few of the Biden Administration’s picks to run banking-related institutions, ponder COVID “new normal” for the year ahead, consider merger trends and issues, and extoll…

Watch GC’s Glatt and Griffiths on CU Broadcast

Glatt Consulting’s Tom Glatt and Matt Griffiths joined host Mike Lawson at CU Broadcast to talk credit union health, performance trends, and launching the firm’s monthly HealthScore initiative. Watch below, or on CUBroadcast.com. —Image by BedexpStock from Pixabay